NASA Wallops Flight Facility

NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Founded in 1945 Wallops Flight Facility is one of NASA’s oldest and most active launch sites. In its 70 year history WFF has launched everything from the 15kg Loki Dart to the 240,000kg Antares rocket! In addition to its launch range, WFF supports a wide range of science missions including high altitude balloon flights and atmospheric research aircraft (including unmanned aerial vehicles). WFF is also home to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite tracking facility.


Recent notable launches at WFF have included the Antares rocket that sends supplies to the International Space Station, and the LADEE mission to the moon.

While not generally open to the public, a week at the Virginia Space Flight Academy will give you first hand access to this restricted NASA site and hands on experience with what it's like to be a NASA engineer.

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