What They’re Saying about Space Camp

Friends from Other States

This camp also helped me make friends from other states. It was also interesting because I was one of the only people from Maryland, and it helped show me that in life you won’t always be in your comfort zone but you can still succeed if you focus and work through a problem. Camper, Summer 2017

Cool new facts about NASA

I’ve enjoyed learning a lot of cool new facts about NASA and even met a lot of new friends that I’m sure I’ll miss when I leave. I learned what it takes to work for NASA and decided that this is the career path which I want to take. Camper, 2015.

Pursue my goal

I would love to become an aerospace engineer and this helped me to pursue my goal. But, to inspire me more to make me who I want to be. Camper, Summer 2017

Memorable Experience

Once again you have created a memorable experience for my daughter….When your 15-year-old is super pleased about ‘learning’ at summer camp – WOW!”


WOW. Let me just begin by saying my daughter had a wonderful time at space camp. She is already planning next year’s visit, the year after, and so on. She is also working to lobby several of her friends to come as well. She is a one person PR department for VSFA.

Standing on a Launch Pad

As someone who always dreamed of standing on a launch pad while listening to a NASA worker explain how much they love their job, that dream is now a reality.  Camper, Summer 2017


Because of this opportunity, I am now able to confidently say I want to work in this field once I am older, and rocketry takes up the majority of my scientific interest. Camper, Summer 2017

Built a battle-bot, launched a rocket

I have seen an awesome rocket launch, built a battle-bot, and launched a rocket. I have had a wonderful time at VSFA and hope to come again next year. Camper, Summer 2017

The tours were MORE than amazing

I extremely enjoyed the camp. Building Lego and metal robots was fun and worthwhile. The tours were more than amazing, and I learned a lot in this span of time at the camp. Camper, Summer 2017

Best Camp Experience

The VSFA is absolutely the best camp experience my 13-year-old son ever had. The entire organization is professionally run, with staff that is of the highest quality and dedication. Parent, Summer 2017